Lacombe Victim Services

Lacombe Victim Services’ (LVS) mission is to refer, inform and support people in crisis. LVS strives to provide a safe, caring community where people in crisis receive support. We have trained volunteers, known as advocates, who assist victims of crime and tragedy. Our advocates are supported by a part-time coordinator, and by volunteer members of the Lacombe Victim Services Board.

What we do

Our advocates help to lessen the impact of crime and tragedy by providing information, support and referrals. Each victim has different needs, which may include:

  • Someone to talk to after the police leave
  • Help in getting emergency resources
  • Advice on community resources available to them
  • Information on crime prevention
  • Information on requesting restitution, and on the Financial Benefits Program
  • Information on the status of a case
  • Input into sentencing through a Victim Impact Statement
  • Court preparation and accompaniment

If you are a victim of a crime or tragedy, and you would like assistance, or if you would like more information on Lacombe Victim Services, please contact us at (403) 782-3279, email [email protected], or visit our website

Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Important phone numbers

  • Lacombe Hospital: (403) 782-3336
  • Distress/Help Line (24 Hour): (403) 340-1120
  • Women’s Emergency Shelter (Red Deer): (403) 346-5643
  • Sexual Assault Center (Red Deer): (403) 340-1124
  • Alberta Mental Health: (403) 782-3413
  • Canadian Mental Health (Red Deer): (403) 342-2266
  • Family Wellness Worker: (403) 782-0886
  • Family & Community Support Services: (403) 782-6637
  • Lacombe Neighbourhood Place: (403) 782-0886
  • Food Bank/Clothing Bank: (403) 782-6777
  • Crown Prosecutor Office (Red Deer): (403) 340-5190
  • Legal Aid (Red Deer): (403) 340-5119