What We Do

Community Liaison Officer (CLO)

The new community Liaison Officer (CLO) position with the Lacombe Police Service works in a number of areas within the service. The average day for CLO starts with website updates, social media and media releases to keep the community informed of important information and events that occur in the City of Lacombe. Once the public is updated on the goings on in the community a scheduled presentation to a community group is attended.  Daily crime prevention tasks are always important to the citizens of Lacombe. Whether its traffic enforcement in areas where concerned citizens have made multiple complaints, or a neighborhood that has seen an increase in break and enters, the job of the CLO is to attend these locations and increase police presence. The CLO represents the Lacombe Police Service on a number of local boards and provincial law enforcement committees increasing exposure to both the community and the province.

School resource Officer (SRO)

The School Resource Officer is the connection between the Lacombe Police service and the Wolf Creek School division. The main focus is safety for the students and faculty and fostering the relationships between police and our youth. The SRO will conduct investigations, interviews and assist with ongoing criminal elements in the school.  The SRO is responsible for providing schools with the D.A.R.E program providing guidance and awareness of decision making and evaluating how to respond to different complicated situations and problems. The SRO is often located in the SRO office in the Lacombe Composite High school where kids are encouraged to go to the officer with questions and problems they may be experiencing. The SRO serves as a resource between school administrators and the Lacombe Police Service.

Crime reduction Team (CRT)

Two officers are allocated to the Crime Reduction Team (CRT). They are responsible for the investigation of serious crimes and drug enforcement. CRT utilizes investigative techniques such as surveillance and undercover operations, wiretaps, etc. To gather evidence or intelligence. The team is also responsible for the annual crime analysis, which is used to determine trends and for gathering statistics so efforts can be directed where they are needed most within the community. CRT works closely with Criminal intelligence service Alberta and other municipal, provincial and federal intelligence officers.